T.I.M (Timothy Stewart) is an up-and-coming artist whose style has been described as a mix between SAINt JHN, Post Malone, and Jeremih, with a hint of Mac Miller’s rugged soul-baring love lyrics. His debut album was released in August 2021. An Atlanta native, T.I.M has quickly made a name for himself on the Richmond music scene under the aliases T~Wavy, Osmosis and Timotheos. T.I.M is a skilled musician with a unique ability to write stories in his songs that transport listeners into his world. Listeners are drawn to his smooth vocals and relatable narratives, but T.I.M's skillset extends beyond that. He is also a self-trained music engineer who mixes for local musicians, providing a high level of personalized service for each track he works on.

Reegis B

Reegis is a Buckingham, VA native who is talented across-the-board. He has been a professional photographer since 2015. With his Reeimaged Photography business, Reegis provides photography and videography services, including portraits, event photography, music videos, video interviews, and remote audio recording. 

Under the alias LoadedRillo, Reegis has been producing music since 2017. He's an active member of Making Dreams Reality, a local group of artists who take on creative projects together. Reegis has released three instrumental albums and several singles on all major streaming platforms, along with collabs with other producers such as DJ Pain1, GummyBeatz, and 808 Mafia affiliates. He often merges his two entities to create unique, specialized productions for clients. Reegis is a creative mastermind who is able to take a client's idea and make it reality. He supports FME projects and is available to work with other creatives.

How do you fit into a world that isn't meant for you? According to Jackson Haynes, you create a whole new one. Jackson is an RVA singer-songwriter and actor who is on a mission to rebrand autism. He's passionate about using his art to make true change in the way our culture perceives those who have autism. He writes and sings his own music, as well as writing and acting in skits. Jackson has found himself in his art, particularly in his track, Hear My Voice. 

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