about us.

social workers. community members. artists. parents. singers. musicians. students. teachers. partners. fourth messenger entertainment was born of the idea that we're all on this journey together. we see art that we like, and we use our creativity, connections, and resources to help the artist share their message with the world.

Fourth Messenger Entertainment provides consultation in the music industry for creative professionals in the Richmond, VA area and beyond. Our services include arranging gigs, image consultation, branding support, and coordination of professional opportunities such as videos, interviews, and promotion.

We seek to partner with indie artists who are creating unique art in the greater Richmond area. Artists can have varying skills and experience, although Fourth Messenger Entertainment is seeking multi-talented musicians who write, sing, mix, and/or play instruments, as well as graphic designers, artists, and other creative professionals.

If you're interested in booking our talent, partnering with us, or just have questions about our mission, please contact us at: