2023 projects

“This Is Me” is the second installment of T.I.M’s musical catalogue after his debut album, “Tuning Into Myself”. It evokes the journey one takes on their path to self discovery, and solidifies the process of the moments one has as they become their true identity. Where “Tuning Into Myself” had a wide range of genres, topics, and emotions, “This Is Me” hones in on his deeper, sensual, and authentic side. These albums were just as big of a process spiritually, as they were musically. They represent eras of T.I.M’s life, and give the listener a front row seat to his thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This project storyboards love in all of its facets and the journey of relationships that can be our biggest teachers in life. The sound of this project solidifies T.I.M’s place in the R&B genre, and aims to deliver a blend of traditional and modern flavors. As the development of this album came into fruition, so did the self actualizing process within T.I.M. We hope that you gain the same realizations and fine tuning as he did in the experience of this project as a listener. 

Shh... we had a little bit of a Secret show at Casa Fiesta and got some great footage.

T.I.M - Secret
Directed by Fourth Messenger Entertainment
Produced by The Byrdfield

T.I.M - Healing Broken Pieces

Produced by Fourth Messenger Entertainment